The origin of the blog’s name comes from my nickname NyNy. I am usually called that for short and it derives from my name, Nyasha. It was supposed to be a temporary name until I came up with something different but then I just stuck with the name. After four years now (July 12th ’09) with the name NyNyOnline, I’ve decided to blog more about me and the topics I love to write about: entertainment such as Asian culture, music, fanfiction, video games and so on.

Currently, I am a student studying Japanese & Journalism at University but I am looking for work placements or apprenticeship in languages or the games journalism field. I love writing, reading, dancing, playing video games and listening to music. As of 2013, I have also been listening to Japanese music for 7 years and Korean for 6 years. Along with my blog, I have written articles and news updates on on websites and blogs (Earcandy ExpressLondon Korean TimesUnitedKpopUnitedJpop and WhatCulture) and on Twitter pages such as @HottestUK,  and @daegu_panda.

I’m on quite a number of sites that you can follow me on: Hello!OnlineTwittertumblr and Youtube.

Blog header created by eruticThis is where K.U.N.A. started.


今、私は日本語とジャーナリズムを学ぶ学生なんだよ!最近日本語関連企業、ゲーム制作企業や報道関連企業での仕事を探している。それともインターンシップをやるべきかな?書き込み(ブログ)、読書、ダンス、ビデオゲーム、音楽を聞くのが好き!2013年から7年間は日本の音楽を聴いてきて、その後6年間は韓国の音楽を聴いてきたよ。色んなサイト、ブログで記事やニュース (London Korean Times, Earcandy Express, UnitedKpop, UnitedJpop) を書いたよ。

誰もがこれらのサイト (Hello!Online, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube) に続くことができる。そして日本人の友達が欲しい。時間があるとき、話しましょう。

어서오세요. 코멘트를 읽어 주세요! 일본인 여러분, 안녕하세요. 런던에 사는 나이아샤이에요! NyNy는 닉네임이니까 NyNyOnline!이 블로그를 시작하게 된건 4년 전이었어요. 세상 여러가지 일에 대해 블로그에 쓰는 것을 좋아해요. 여기서 아시아 문화, 음악, 제 인생, 비디오 게임, 패션에 대해 씁어요.

지금 저는 일본어와 저널리즘을 공부하고 있는 학생이에요. 최근 일본어 관련 기업, 게임 제작 기업이나 보도 관련 기업의 일을 찾고 있어요. 그렇지 않으면 인턴쉽을 해야하는 걸까요? 글 작성(블로그)、독서, 댄스, 비디오 게임, 음악 감상을 좋아해요. 2013년 부터 7년 동안 일본 음악을 듣고 있고 그 이후 6년 동안은 한국 음악을 들었었어요. 다양한 사이트, 블로그에서 기사나 뉴스 (London Korean Times, Earcandy Express, UnitedKpop, UnitedJpop) 를 읽었어요.

누구나 이 사이트들(Hello!Online, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube)을 계속 해서 할 수 있어요. 그리고한국인 친구를 원해요. 시간이 있으면 함께 대화해요.

40 thoughts on “About

    • Oh, I have love for Big Bang and MANY other K-Pop artists, just those groups/artists I am biased about and may post more about them than usual. I tried being a neutral 3rd party to all artists, but it doesn’t work.

      • Big Bang is okay. I really loved their remake of Red Sunset Glow and a few others. For now, my thing is 2pm and Suju.

  1. Yo! It would be great to exchange links. ^^. Your blog is so interesting. I love the topics you bring up. Controversy is so fun. Hope to see you around.

  2. Oh, I have love for Big Bang and MANY other K-Pop artists, just those groups/artists I am biased about and may post more about them than usual. I tried being a neutral 3rd party to all artists, but it doesn’t work.

  3. Oh NyNy… I’m seriously thinking about going back to WordPress :/ My site received so many more hits when I was there.

    Oh, and by the way, the picture of you and the teddy bear is so freakin’ adorable x.x

  4. Yeah, that would probably be for the best. I’m going to move my site back to WordPress, and probably keep the other as a personal blog or something.

  5. Got the message. I don’t mind exchanging links.
    I have yours and KoJa Productions links because the creator of KoJa Productions is actually a friend of mine and she insisted that I check out your blog.. :D

  6. Hello! I came across your blog TOTALLY by accident but I am so glad I did. I’ve looked through a lot of your posts and they’re awesome. It’s good to see that there’s someone that shares my love for k-pop, j-pop and c-pop. Because most are only one and one only. But keep up the good posts!

  7. Hello NyNy, thank you for precious articles that you wrote and shared with others.
    I came across your blog somehow through your most recent article about J-pop music.
    My name is James with KpopStarz.com, we would like to invite you to become our contributor, please contact us at jamesp (at) kpopstarz (dot) com.
    Have a great day! :)

  8. Hey NyNy! As promised, I added a link to your blog on my blogroll =) I also decided to follow you on Twitter since I follow most of my affiliates. Keep up your good work here!

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yours is looking pretty interesting. You have a good variety of things to talk about, so it seems pretty fresh. Good work!

  10. このブログはすごくいいね!!!

    Have you added your blog to the Japan Blog Directory or Japan Blog List (both lists of blogs by people who blog from Japan or about things Japanese)? I think people visiting both those sites would be happy to find your blog listed there.

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  12. NyNyのブログは面白くていいね!見ていてぼくとの共通点いくつかありました。これからもよろしくお願いします(>0<)/

  13. Hi NyNy. Got here from http://japan.ronjie.com

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!

    You got yourself a good one going here. Keep it up! You have a much larger following than mine, too, so make sure to keep them happy and satisfied with regular posts. :)

    Oh and by the way, why not show some ads and earn a little something? Or get some sponsors. You could do this for a living, you know.

    • I really want to and I’ve signed up for some sites like PayPerPost but no-one has gotten back to me on it ;___; if you know any at all, please tell me because I would love to get paid to blog!

  14. You’ve got a great site here. And you’ve got a lot of content to cover, so it must keep you incredibly busy..! :) Good luck with your school work and blog! I’ll be checking back soooooon~~!

  15. Hello, NyNy! I really like your blog and reading the description it feels as if we have a lot in common. :-) If you want, you can follow me on twitter or on Facebook, or follow my blog. My blog is kind of random, to be honest, but I sort of like it that way. :-)

    Have a good day! :-)

  16. NyNy, your blog is interesting and informative about J-K pop culture. I wish I had your following for my own blog, or engaging feedback from readers. Keep up the good work, and keep in touch. I’ll look back periodically to see what you’re up to.

  17. Hey NyNY, thanks for getting in touch :) I’ve actually been away from the blogging scene for a while focusing on my freelance writing, so I wouldn’t know the best gaming blogs to recommend off the top of my head. There are a myriad of them out there though, so a quick search on your reader will supply you with all you need :)


  18. A wonderful blog! :)
    My hats off to your expert knowledge on Japanese culture and Korean culture. I am way too old to be able to join in the conversation about Pamyu Pamyu (until now, I had only heard of her name) and Ayu (personally, I don’t think she can sing, sorry), but I do think that you make your posts enticing for everyone to read. I never expected to meet someone from Britain who were so enthusiastic about Asian ‘cool’ culture; times have really changed.

    BTW, Jamaican food looks lovely.

    Ayano xxx.

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